Message For FFWPU

In the last few days, at the end of this year 2014, I had many internal conflicts about my mission. This is why this morning I invited Heavenly Father to come to me, wanting to discuss with him what I should do in this new year 2015.

He came to me in an atmosphere of peace. I was just enjoying his love
and he started to speak to me: “You have many problems. You are going to brothers and sisters seeking advice and solutions, but who made you? Who knows your problems better than I do? Why don't you come directly to me? I don’t only know the answer but also the remedy.”

According to the Divine Principle, you should go through the three stages of formation, growth and completion, which for human beings signify childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Every human being has to go this path. 

How many of you are really doing it? Everybody is growing physically because they have no choice. The laws of physics and nature force you to grow and you have no control over it, but what about your spirit?

Heavenly Father, it is so beautiful to experience your presence. Your love is calming and peaceful. I’m just enjoying it.

Is this experience not the essence of your Kingdom? A kingdom which Jesus already promised us 2000 years ago? What is the difference between that Kingdom and Cheon Il Guk? Doesn’t your love remain always the same?

Dear children, I'm your God and your Truth. The world is merely an expression of the truth and therefore of myself. 

Your understanding is only one interpretation of the truth, influenced by your mentality, character, culture and way of thinking. Every teacher is a reflection of the time and place he lives in and he is given guidance by me, in order to bring humankind one step forward.

Dear son, I see you struggling to translate into words what you are experiencing with me. In the past, you were searching and asking people how I could communicate with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden since language didn't exist. Now you know, at least partially.

We were communicating through contents and images. Their spiritual eyes were open. I could speak to their mind and they could perceive my thoughts exactly. Our communication was very clear.
The separation from me was a separation of their heart from my heart, their mind became more filled with fallen thoughts every day.
Our communication became more difficult day by day and finally, with time, it was completely cut off.