Message For FFWPU

Dear Children

When Jesus came 2000 ago, he was talking so much of Me, of my Kingdom and our relationship.
I had so much hope. Although Jesus had to go to the cross, he declared very clearly that I needed to speak directly with each one of you, but even the best saint had difficulty to approach me in the way that Jesus was living. Jesus said unequivocally “Be perfect as your heavenly Father perfect is”.

Dear Salvatore

I'm sorry to see you going through some mistakes and crises. I cannot see in this moment other ways for you to realize your limitations. Even if I'm sending messages through you, that doesn't mean that you are better than the others.

You can see well what others can do better, but it is difficult to see and solve problems created by your fallen nature. Don't be discouraged. Crises are not negative. They are a chance for a new beginning. I also made my mistakes because I was not able to predict the degradation of my future children, I mean the human race. This had big consequences in human history and also in my own history. You know it already because Rev. Moon analysed the history of restoration. If you need to, you can study more about it.

Dear Son

What is the difference between you and the True Parents? Outwardly there is no difference. They were conceived and born like all of you. They eat, drink, sleep like all of you. You have been a few months near them. You have been able to observe them very well in their daily lives. You went to make shopping with them and together with your colleagues of the IIPC. What was different in their lives from the lives of many of you? What have you noticed in a particular way?
The difference between them and you is the level of heart that they have achieved thanks to the continuous relationship with Me. This is what they have different.
They always received you with a smile. They have treated you like princes and princesses. You sang your best songs for them.
They offered you the most delicious food and shared with you the most intimate moments.

The day True Parents crowned me, it was January 13th 2001. It was a big day for me. Nobody understood why Rev. Moon was doing it. Who can have the courage to offer me a crown? So many people, and you among them, thought He was crazy. I told him to do it. 
When Lucifer seduced and took away my young children, he took away everything I offered them. The whole Universe became the property of Lucifer. I, the creator remained alone suffering for such a loss. I was always looking for some chance to win back my children and with them all creation.

Dear Children

The political world is corrupt. Many politicians pretend to represent the people who elected them, but in reality they are representing their own interests and the interests of the lobbies from which they receive extra money. They are not anymore free to decide and to make good laws for my people. How can I work with them? Many of them don’t even have a minimum of human dignity. They sell themselves and the common good to those who exploit my children and create injustices, betraying the people who have placed their hopes in them. I want a change.
A big change.