Message For FFWPU


Heavenly Father, it is so beautiful to experience your presence. Your love is calming and peaceful. I’m just enjoying it.

Is this experience not the essence of your Kingdom? A kingdom which Jesus already promised us 2000 years ago? What is the difference between that Kingdom and Cheon Il Guk? Doesn’t your love remain always the same?

Do you remember when, in Turin, after listening to the Divine Principle, I was so excited about this new ideology? 

At the same time I was also frustrated to see how my future brothers and sisters of the Unification Movement were applying this great ideology to daily life. They were so young. How could I agree to being part of this movement?

Now, for the first time, I feel I need to repent for my attitude at that time. I'm sorry. I didn't know you and hadn’t experienced your love yet. I wasn’t even completely sure of your existence. I did not know what to do.
Therefore I wanted to look for something different. It was around October in 1974. I told the members of this small group that it would be difficult for me to keep coming to the center. That evening I said goodbye to them with the deep conviction that I would never return there.
During the next few days I struggled internally about whether my decision was the right one. I had very strong doubts. Finally, one morning, after coming back home from work, I lay down in my bed. I saw the symbol of the Unification Movement and on the spur of the moment I demanded: “If you really exist, God, show yourself!“ Do you remember? I can never forget what happened next.

You came to me as a cloud of love. I felt myself enveloped not only spiritually but physically in that cloud. We became almost one body, at least that was my perception.
I didn't know how to react. I was so happy that I just started telling you jokes. I don't know how long we stayed together in this way. I remember very clearly when you started to leave me again. Your energy of love was leaving me and I tried to stop you by saying “Please don't go”, but you left anyway. During the next few days I was in a spiritual state that made me feel as if I was flying rather than walking.

Why am I telling you things that you know better than me already? Maybe I like to remember our first encounter, because this event changed the path of my life.
From that time on I kept saying to myself. I don't need to believe in God because I know already that God exists, just the way I know that my relatives and friends exist.
Do I need faith to believe in my brothers’ existence? Their existence is a fact to me, a reality. Having met you is a reality too. Isn’t that true, Heavenly Father?