Message For FFWPU

Beloved! Many of you are wondering why Jesus said, "Whoever has seen me has seen the Father, because we are one." Many have interpreted that He was God. In a way, he is also God as are all of you, and as are the True Parents. All of you are in my image. I have begotten you, so you have my characteristics. You are my children and it is normal to inherit the appearance of their parents.

My dear son, I mean you, Salvatore. I want to console you. When you look back on the years when you were doing a mission, many times you felt frustrated about your small results and even now you think you failed in your mission.

I didn't send you to the former Soviet Union because I needed a teacher for the people there. They were coming by themselves because they were hungry for my Truth. I had so many qualified and clever members who knew how to teach the Principle. I needed you there for other reasons. I needed somebody who didn't have special skills, who had very little to be proud of. Your English was so poor that the Russian teachers refused to have a meeting with you, because of your limitations in the language.

Dear Son,

I'm very happy about yesterday. You made the first step. You could overcome your hesitation.
In your life you were always afraid of disturbing others. Humility and shyness are two different things. As long you are representing yourself, I can accept that. But you are speaking in my name. You have to represent my dignity. I'm your God. You have to talk with my authority. Please, take all the time you need to communicate my Will and my desires to the community in Zürich and to all other people who are ready to listen to my words.
Share without fear what I'm telling you. If they don't believe, don't worry. This is their problem.

Dear Children

It is very sad what is happening in the Korean Movement. We are close to the Anniversary of the Substantial Foundation Day and of the important Day of my Coronation as King of Kings of this Universe. Is this the present that some of my Children are giving me? Is this the result of so much work and suffering of the True Parents, and work and dedication of so many members in preparing this Anniversary?

Dear Son Hyung Jin

The way you are going now is not the best way to solve problems.
You are frustrated and I am too.
It is true that some Korean leaders did and still are making many mistakes.
Do you think that the people you trust are without fallen nature?