Message For FFWPU

Dear beloved Children

I love each one of you so much. I'm communicating already with you every day. Sometimes you are not conscious of it. Where do all your good inspirations come from? How many times do you say something and you don't know why you said it?
This is the basis of communication.

I'm so happy today. Thank you every body who are here. 

This day is very important for me. True Parents offered me this day.
I became owner at least of this day.
They crowned me as King of kings. I could start the Cheon Il Guk that now became the substantial Cheon Il Guk.
This world that was been taken by Lucifer, is gradually coming back to me.
There is still a lot of influence from the satanic world and your fallen nature,
but I promise you that this will return to the Heavenly Kingdom that I dreamed of when I was creating this planet. With the coming of True Parents, the dream of a beautiful world can become a reality.


I was somewhere. There were many members around and I was with True Parents family. True Father was also there.
Then I went to do some kind of activities that I also don't remember.
Somebody came to me saying that True Father was looking for me. I was surprised to hear that, dressed myself with my best suit and went to meet Father.
I entered a big room, so long that I could not see the end of it. On my right it was empty and used only for walking. On my left side, True Father was sitting on a red sofa on a red carpet with some people. Next True Father were several banquet tables.

Dear son,

You have to bring my message to your brothers of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.
All of you have good motivation and teach many people the Divine Principle.
Yes, do it!
Why do you have so little result? So few people joined the Unification Family in Europe in past years
You have wrong concepts. You think that joining this Family depends on your ability to teach the Divine Principle. This is wrong.
It depends on how much you love them, on how much you are ready to listen to them: to their stories, to their tragedies, to their effort to be good people. They are looking for true parents, true brothers and sisters, true friends. They are looking for people who appreciate them for what they are doing for the society.
Finally they are looking for true love.

I'm watching with anxiety how the messages that I gave for the FFWPU are progressing. I see with great joy that many of you are accepting my messages with an open heart. I see already much progress in the Community of Zürich.

I have much hope. Continue in this way and you and the FFWPU can have a real revival. Don't worry about all the negativity that is spreading in the midst of you.
This world bellows to Satan and I can start my world only with people of great faith.
People who can go beyond the faith of the Israeli People.
People who can go beyond the faith of the Christian people.
People who can separate completely from Satan.
People who are really true citizens of Cheon Il Guk.