Message To Christians

Dear beloved Christians

God asked me to deliver these messages directly to the Christians.
His greatest wish is to communicate directly with each one of us as He communicated with Adam and Eve at the beginning of Creation and continued to communicate with all their descendants as a father talks with his own children.
Unfortunately many of His children have abandoned Him and don’t listen any more to His voice.

However, God, during such a long history, has always found someone, who was ready to listen to Him.

In some way, even if indirectly, He continued to talk to each one of us through our conscience and tried to guide us towards the path of goodness.

For those who wish to meet Him as they meet their own father, God says,
"I know that you have many things to do during the day. Life is not easy. Try to find at least 7 minutes a day for me. Make some space in a corner of your heart and invite me to come. (I can’t come if you don’t want me to.)
Forget your concerns for a moment and tell me about your situation.
Do you trust Me? After you have told me your situation, don’t go away immediately, but wait for my answer.
Please make room in your mind and heart for what I want to say.
You won’t be disappointed. You will have amazing experiences.
I’m waiting for you! Your God and Father. "

I did not dare to add anything to what God says.
Now it's up to you!

A voice of God


Dear Children
I'm your Father, the God that Jesus preached about 2000 years ago. I'm the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Jesus, my beloved son, gave a very important message. Love your neighbours as yourselves. The churches became so big and powerful that they influenced the whole world with such a message of love, but very few Christians are living this message. If you cannot think about your neighbour as your brother, how do you want to make a better world? Where is the teaching of Jesus? For what did I sent him 2000 years ago? How long do I have to wait for the realization of my Kingdom? The religious fanatics persecuted and killed my best prophets. I don't mean only the prophets of the Old Testament Age, I mean the Christian prophets and the modern prophets and they did this in my name.

Some of you think that Jesus was born already perfect. It is not true. He also had to grow and fulfil his portion of responsibility. "and Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men." Every living being in this world is going through a pattern. I made the seeds. Every seed is developing according to its own design and purpose. I don't make miracles in my Creation. Life is already a continuous miracle. Everything is following the universal principle.
For Jesus it is the same. The seed which produced the wonderful being of Jesus was purified through the lineage of many women who were ready to sacrifice their lives for the good of humanity. I mean the birth of the Messiah.

Jesus is the new Adam. Who is the first Adam? You know already that I created Adam and Eve. I put the seed of life in them since their conception …. spiritually and physically. Those 2 aspects had to grow in harmony. They had to become the Tree of life, to become my image and likeness, inheriting my dual characteristic of masculinity and femininity. I'm not only the Father God, but also the Mother God.
They had to become the model family for all their descendants.
I gave them all of my creation. The Garden of Eden was just the beginning of my Kingdom. Adam and Eve as my children had to inherit all my characteristics and expand this garden all over the world. This was my dream.

I watched Eve with much suffering. I hoped until the last moment that she could have the strength to resist this strong attraction of love. Her give and take with Lucifer became so strong that it became impossible for her to stop the process of the Fall.
Only parents who see their children dying little by little can understand the pain of my heart. Seeing Eve, agonising spiritually and dying , there was no possibility for me to intervene.
For me it was a parent's tragedy.
Then my hope went to Adam. He was still pure. He knew the Commandment not to eat the fruit, even though he didn't understand the real situation and the consequences. He just had  to believe in Me, to trust Me as his father. He could become the first Messiah for Eve. When Eve offered him the premature love physically, he also died together with her.

It is not true that I chased Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. It was them who abandoned me. Eden is not a physical place, but a state of mind. You can go in and out of this Garden, depending on how you are in harmony with Me. This is why Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven begins in your hearts.
How many times I have tried to meet my children, trying to convince them to come back to me, as do all parents when their kids are into drugs? It was all for nothing. They were now slaves of Satan and addicted to sexuality centred on him, which has nothing to do with my true love.