Message For FFWPU


According to the Divine Principle, you should go through the three stages of formation, growth and completion, which for human beings signify childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Every human being has to go this path. 

How many of you are really doing it? Everybody is growing physically because they have no choice. The laws of physics and nature force you to grow and you have no control over it, but what about your spirit?

Are you growing spiritually too? This is the true problem of human beings.

You are growing physically but not spiritually.
You grow up, marry and have children. You pretend to act like adults, but your actions are sometimes very stupid, because you are going against your human nature.
Many times you act like small children who are fighting and using small toys to hurt each other, but in reality you are carelessly using dangerous weapons to wage senseless wars. You are spending all your energy on destroying each other instead of concentrating on improving the environment.

I created you to enjoy life, to enjoy nature and to have fun.
You haven't grown enough until now. This is our important mission for the future.
If we want to live in a better world and a better society in which our children can live a happy life, all of humanity has to grow together as a big family.
Spiritually this family is composed of children and teenagers.
Who will educate them? They need parents and teachers.
Do you want to become True Parents, as well as teachers to my children?
By children I don't only mean Family Federation members. I mean the 7 billion children who don't know me.
Teach them about True Parents, but don't forget that I'm the one True Parent who created this beautiful universe just for my children. You have to bring them back to the Garden of Eden.

I educated you through the world’s teachers.
You are able to explain the Old, New and Completed Testament very well to people. Can you also speak to them about my feelings? You need to step up to a higher level.
Do you really want to become a role model and a true teacher of Cheon Il Guk?
I will tell you the secret to achieve this: it is to come closer to me.
Discuss with me, experience my love and feelings, enjoy and feel the beauty of
being in the Heavenly Kingdom.
Then you can understand the true meaning of the Principle.
When you reach that point you can share with others not only the written words but also the inherent meaning of the Divine Principle.
When you are in my realm of love, this love will spread automatically into your surroundings.
You will see.
If you live in me and we become one, people and nature around you will be able to feel my love through you as well.
This is the way of a true teacher.
I need such teachers to build a world of love, unity and harmony.