Message For FFWPU


In the last few days, at the end of this year 2014, I had many internal conflicts about my mission. This is why this morning I invited Heavenly Father to come to me, wanting to discuss with him what I should do in this new year 2015.

He came to me in an atmosphere of peace. I was just enjoying his love
and he started to speak to me: “You have many problems. You are going to brothers and sisters seeking advice and solutions, but who made you? Who knows your problems better than I do? Why don't you come directly to me? I don’t only know the answer but also the remedy.”

I know you are very busy during the day, but try to find at least half an hour, make a little space in a corner of your heart, ask me to come (I cannot come if you don't want), put away all your worries and tell me sincerely about your situation. Can you trust me? After that, please don't go away, wait for my answer. Send away all your thoughts and make room in your mind for what I want to tell you. Also, be ready to hear things that are unusual for some people. It is not necessary to tell others about our talk. Follow your intuition. It can remain a secret between us. I like to have some secrets with my beloved children.

I see you are very busy looking for guidance in the Holy Scriptures. This is good, but you are forgetting that I gave those words to the prophets and great teachers of the past.
I taught them all the wise words that they passed on, but many followers of the world Religions believe more in their religious teachers than in me. Sometimes they even worship them.

Actually, I was longing to speak directly with you and on the foundation that True Parents made, this time has come.
I called you to learn the Divine Principle, to teach the Principles, but also to live them in your daily life, not just to make a library of the past and present Holy Scriptures and to forget about their purpose.
I was very happy when you were teaching about the Growth Period. This is essential for me.
Many years ago you met True Parents, you received the Blessing at the top of the Growth Stage where Adam and Eve fell, and walked together with True Parents for more than 30 years in the Completion Stage. The True Parents fulfilled their mission and my son Sun Myung Moon, came to meet me in the Spiritual World.

Now I'm waiting patiently for you to find the courage to enter the Perfection Stage. This means you’ll be in my direct dominion. Very few people had such courage until now. I hope you can do it as soon as possible. I'm waiting for you or maybe are you waiting for somebody to tell you when you are perfect and to give you permission to come to me? Don't worry if you have some problems, I have more problems than you. Please don't wait anymore. We can grow together and build my kingdom together, or even improve our kingdom, because we are one family.
Please don't wait anymore. I lived long enough almost alone, with just a few people.
Now is the time to realize the Cheon Il Guk.
Don't forget, the kingdom begins in our hearts, and nobody can destroy it, except if you are making the mistake of leaving me.
Your Father God