Message For FFWPU

Dear Unificationist.
You worry very much about the future of your children. You worry very much why they don't  attend  your religious meetings. You educated them for many years and now you are disappointed because they don't attend your services.
They are born without original sin like Adam and Eve.
As Adam and Eve, they need education. It is not enough to be born pure. They have to grow spiritually, going beyond the fall, becoming one with me and finally finding a spouse.
This is the responsibility of every human being born without original sin. There is no exception. They need a model. We are the model. Our life is the model. We have to change together with them. Nobody can replace us. Only together can we become one ideal family. Such a family is the base of the Cheon Il Guk.  
You second generation, where are you? Why are you hiding yourselves like Adam and Eve? Why are you not coming to Me? You often criticise the first generation.  Are you perhaps better? Show what you can do. You are still young. You have so much potential. You can reach what your parents couldn't. Please come to Me. Together we can make a better world; the world that you are looking for. This is our time. Don't miss this chance.

Beloved Children
I love so much you. The time has come to speak openly with you. Many times, in the past I said: “The Truth shall make you free”. Who of you feels that you are free? You know the Universal Principle, but you are not yet free. Why? Because you are not yet one with me.
 Only if you are one with me, you can completely understand my view point. Only through me can you overcome the first fallen nature. Do you remember which is it? “Leaving my view point”. Only if you become one with me, can you clearly know my view point, because my mind and your mind will become one. My feeling and your feeling will become one. My heart and your heart will become one. And you can see as I see.

Dear Children,
Day by day I’m becoming more worried about you fighting with each other, because of different ideologies. I didn’t create you to fight. I created you to love: to love each other as I love you. Every day I see churches still competing and fighting to demonstrate who is the best and the only one who has the true Truth. Why are your minds still so closed? Who told you that you are the best? I never did.

When I met the Divine Principle, and understood that my purpose of life was to become the image of God through realizing the three Blessings: “Be fruitful, multiply and have dominion”, I was full enthusiasm and I was expecting to fulfil it during few years.
However little by little, going through different situations and some difficult moments, I somehow lost the large vision and the way became the ultimate goal. I forgot that I joined the FFWPU in order become one with God. The temple of God. The image of God.