Message For FFWPU


Dear children, I'm your God and your Truth. The world is merely an expression of the truth and therefore of myself. 

Your understanding is only one interpretation of the truth, influenced by your mentality, character, culture and way of thinking. Every teacher is a reflection of the time and place he lives in and he is given guidance by me, in order to bring humankind one step forward.

This can be seen when learning about different religions. The fundamental teaching and values of all religions, which are the essence of each faith are the same. 

The differences can mainly be found in religious and cultural traditions.
The importance of such traditions lies, in upholding morals. Religious traditions have become part of the different countries’ cultures, which influence people’s daily lives. In this sense, religious tradition has become a factor in structuring and stabilizing people’s lives.
For these reasons I like traditions. At the same time, it worries me when people confuse traditions with the truth. While truth is the essence, traditions constitute the external form of religions.

A misconception of the role of traditions can cause them to become stumbling block in the way of human development towards the understanding of the truth. Practicing religious rituals purely as a routine can defeat their purpose as a means of communication with me.

My essence is not only truth but also love. Truth and love are both expressions of my being. Love is the one expression which can make a better world.
While truth, in its expression of me and the way people understand it, can change according to different times and people, love always remains the same. During the history, it was not the Christian leaders who brought great changes. Instead it was the forgiveness and love practices by the followers of Christianity. It was Jesus’ message of forgiveness and love for his enemies, even when he was on the cross, that changed the world, when people tried to follow his example.

This was the crucial point which started a new dispensation, the New Testament. The Christian religion developed because of the love the early Christians were practicing. This was the reason why the Roman Empire declined, while Christianity rose.
This Christian providence was propelled forward until today. It became the source of human rights, of freedom and dignity, thanks to the saints and wise people who loved humanity unconditionally.

My dear children, this formula hasn't changed and will never change.
My Kingdom will not be realized merely through truth and systems.
As we can see daily, the different interpretations of the truth cause more and more division.
I want one single family, a global family.
Only forgiveness and reconciliation can bring all my children together and create a world of peace.