Message For FFWPU


Dear son, I see you struggling to translate into words what you are experiencing with me. In the past, you were searching and asking people how I could communicate with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden since language didn't exist. Now you know, at least partially.

We were communicating through contents and images. Their spiritual eyes were open. I could speak to their mind and they could perceive my thoughts exactly. Our communication was very clear.
The separation from me was a separation of their heart from my heart, their mind became more filled with fallen thoughts every day.
Our communication became more difficult day by day and finally, with time, it was completely cut off.

Their descendants became ignorant of me, of my existence and they tried to develop the human language. This was good. Ideally, it would have been good to have a single language, to keep the brotherhood and to have the consciousness of belonging to the same family. They spread out little by little all over the planet and as a consequence, many languages developed.

This long separation between my children brought on the loss of, first, their original parent and, later, their brotherhood. Different languages, traditions, cultures, kingdoms and races were the result.
They started to see each other not as brothers, but as rivals. Egoism was born on the individual level, then grew on the family, society and Kingdom level. Violence and war became the means to solve conflicts.

For me, it was very difficult to see my children living and suffering in this way. I always kept trying to find a person who could understand my heart. Such people were considered to be crazy. They were isolated, tortured or eliminated.
My goal was to send a new Adam. It took a long time of preparation.
I guided history to have a large empire, a common language and a culture (Hellenism) which could help my children to understand my messages.

Jesus did his best to let my children know about me. He announced officially to the Jews of that time that I am their original Father, that I love them and I was longing to communicate again with them, not only through the Bible, but heart to heart. This teaching was against their traditional interpretation of the Holy Books. Their fallen nature did the rest and my beloved son ended up on the cross.

Can you imagine my disappointment? His sacrifice laid the foundation for him to come back at a better time and to complete his work.

Now is your time. You received the message. Try to apply it in your daily life. Remember: the purpose of the True Parents is not to found a new religion, but to open up the way to the original communication, just like it was with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

I want to communicate directly with each one of you. My words are words of truth, accompanied by love. I will speak to your conscience and if you follow it, you will find peace and fortune. You will respect and love your wife and children. You will respect and love your brothers and sisters. You will respect and love every created being and they will respond with gratitude.
In this way, my dreams in creating the universe can finally come true in Cheon Il Guk.