Message To Christians

Dear beloved Christians

God asked me to deliver these messages directly to the Christians.
His greatest wish is to communicate directly with each one of us as He communicated with Adam and Eve at the beginning of Creation and continued to communicate with all their descendants as a father talks with his own children.
Unfortunately many of His children have abandoned Him and don’t listen any more to His voice.

However, God, during such a long history, has always found someone, who was ready to listen to Him.

In some way, even if indirectly, He continued to talk to each one of us through our conscience and tried to guide us towards the path of goodness.

For those who wish to meet Him as they meet their own father, God says,
"I know that you have many things to do during the day. Life is not easy. Try to find at least 7 minutes a day for me. Make some space in a corner of your heart and invite me to come. (I can’t come if you don’t want me to.)
Forget your concerns for a moment and tell me about your situation.
Do you trust Me? After you have told me your situation, don’t go away immediately, but wait for my answer.
Please make room in your mind and heart for what I want to say.
You won’t be disappointed. You will have amazing experiences.
I’m waiting for you! Your God and Father. "

I did not dare to add anything to what God says.
Now it's up to you!

A voice of God


Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were very exceptional people. They were my true heroes. The young boy Isaac was so courageous that he was ready to sacrifice his life in place of his father, who failed in the offering. Jacob was so courageous and humble that he fought against an angel and won. I blessed him, giving him the name of Israel (Victorious). He could see My face in his brother Esau. This is why I blessed him and his sons who became the fathers of the 12 tribes of Israel and became my chosen people. In this difficult history, I could always find some prophet who, at the risk of his life, could guide the people to carry on my Will and prepare for the coming of the Messiah.

I said that the new Adam had to be a model for all the men of the world and for the future generations. He had to grow, to multiply and have dominion. He realized his individual growth. How can he multiply children of goodness without a new Eve? Where is the new Eve? Where is the model for the half of human beings that are women? In the Garden of Eden near the Tree of Life was also a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Originally that tree should have been only of goodness, if Eve had not fallen. The Bible was written by men and they decided how women should be and what they had to do. They were making the same mistakes, but only the women had to be stoned! What if the Bible had been written by women?

The Coming of the Lord represented the most important event of human history. It was a new beginning. I wanted to liberate my children from the chains of Satan and especially from their ignorance about me. The time was near for humanity to find their true dignity. I was excited and full of hope. During the time when the Jewish people were reconstructing the temple in Jerusalem and preparing themselves for the coming of the Messiah, I started to look around the world at the big civilizations to find prophets who could bring new light to their religions and to their countries. Confucius, Buddha and Socrates (and many others) became my champions.
Their ideas became like yeast that grew and brought big changes and prepared their people to accept the basic ideas of my Kingdom preached by Jesus.
The Hellenistic civilization stimulated all fields of science and thoughts, and made a better life for all people around the Mediterranean Sea.
The Roman Empire made good laws for governing, roads for travel and accepted the Greek language as an international language. What I really liked about the Romans was their tolerance for foreign religions. That quality of heart could become the base to accept my future Kingdom.

After my angel brought the message to Mary, she left Nazareth and went to her relatives, Zachariah and Elisabeth.
She was there helping Elisabeth in her household and praying constantly so that she developed a deep relationship with me.
She needed so much encouragement in this new situation.
The signs of her pregnancy became every day more and more visible.
A similar situation repeated, as in the family of Abraham, and Mary had to leave the house of Zachariah and return to Nazareth.
This was not in my plan.
She should have stayed there for long time and her child should have had a proper education.
The return to Nazareth created a family and village drama.

The beginning of Jesus’ preaching was actually a success. He began with great enthusiasm and with a very sincere conviction. He soon noticed that intellectuals and scholars didn't like to get involved in a revolution that could lead to conflict with the Romans. If it were the case, they would support him from the outside, but they were not ready to be dragged into an adventure by a young and inexperienced person. So, Jesus went to look for his disciples among young and simple people, but who were full of enthusiasm. They had nothing to lose, only something to gain, if things went well. Jesus' message was simple and immediate. He could easily convince and pull people towards a new future full of hope. A new fresh spiritual wind was blowing on the region of Galilee. The established religious power didn't pay attention to him. They were used to young fires that would be put out at the first rain, but my son had a special charisma.