Message To Christians


I watched Eve with much suffering. I hoped until the last moment that she could have the strength to resist this strong attraction of love. Her give and take with Lucifer became so strong that it became impossible for her to stop the process of the Fall.
Only parents who see their children dying little by little can understand the pain of my heart. Seeing Eve, agonising spiritually and dying , there was no possibility for me to intervene.
For me it was a parent's tragedy.
Then my hope went to Adam. He was still pure. He knew the Commandment not to eat the fruit, even though he didn't understand the real situation and the consequences. He just had  to believe in Me, to trust Me as his father. He could become the first Messiah for Eve. When Eve offered him the premature love physically, he also died together with her.

The serpent won, but there was still a small spark of hope in my heart.
What if they realise their mistake and ask for forgiveness? My love is unconditional. I can forgive them and start anew. I waited anxiously for them to come, but nothing happened. Then I thought about helping them to recognise their mistake.
I went crying to them. Where are you? Please come back to me. I can forgive you if only you can realise your mistake and ask for forgiveness.
“Adam, why did you eat this poison? Eve gave it to me.”
“And you Eve?” “The serpent offered it to me.”
Then I realised that their hearts had separated from My heart. Their bond with Satan was already so strong, that there was no way back anymore.
The beautiful Garden of Eden was transformed into a Hell of misery and tragedy. My beloved children became slaves of Satan and were forced to accept him as their father.