Message To Christians


Jesus is the new Adam. Who is the first Adam? You know already that I created Adam and Eve. I put the seed of life in them since their conception …. spiritually and physically. Those 2 aspects had to grow in harmony. They had to become the Tree of life, to become my image and likeness, inheriting my dual characteristic of masculinity and femininity. I'm not only the Father God, but also the Mother God.
They had to become the model family for all their descendants.
I gave them all of my creation. The Garden of Eden was just the beginning of my Kingdom. Adam and Eve as my children had to inherit all my characteristics and expand this garden all over the world. This was my dream.

Before Adam and Eve I also created the angels. Lucifer was one of my best helpers. He was helping my children in their growth, and this happened until they became teenagers.
I was so happy seeing my children growing physically and spiritually.
They were playing in the Garden of Eden watching the animals and even playing with them.
One day I noticed that Lucifer was attracted by the beauty of Eve. Her pure love that reflected My love was shining in all her actions.
I started to worry, like every parent does, about their children. I called them and told them to be careful. “Please Eve don't eat of the fruit that Lucifer is trying to offer you. He is trying to seduce you.
You have to grow spiritually and become one with me. You have to prepare yourself for Adam. When the time comes, I will bless you with Adam. You can both share your love and be so happy for the whole of your life.”
Lucifer used all the tricks to have Eve and she gradually separated from me and with time her give and take with Lucifer became so strong that it became impossible to resist and she gave herself to the angel.
Lucifer, not only became the master of Adam and Eve, but also to this world that I have given to my children.