Message To Christians

Dear beloved Christians

God asked me to deliver these messages directly to the Christians.
His greatest wish is to communicate directly with each one of us as He communicated with Adam and Eve at the beginning of Creation and continued to communicate with all their descendants as a father talks with his own children.
Unfortunately many of His children have abandoned Him and don’t listen any more to His voice.

However, God, during such a long history, has always found someone, who was ready to listen to Him.

In some way, even if indirectly, He continued to talk to each one of us through our conscience and tried to guide us towards the path of goodness.

For those who wish to meet Him as they meet their own father, God says,
"I know that you have many things to do during the day. Life is not easy. Try to find at least 7 minutes a day for me. Make some space in a corner of your heart and invite me to come. (I can’t come if you don’t want me to.)
Forget your concerns for a moment and tell me about your situation.
Do you trust Me? After you have told me your situation, don’t go away immediately, but wait for my answer.
Please make room in your mind and heart for what I want to say.
You won’t be disappointed. You will have amazing experiences.
I’m waiting for you! Your God and Father. "

I did not dare to add anything to what God says.
Now it's up to you!

A voice of God


This was the biggest crisis since he began his public mission. He began to have feelings of guilt. What was wrong in his teaching? Why did the Israeli people who were prepared for around 2000 years for the Coming of the Messiah, misunderstand him? He was crying for forgiveness from his father God. He had to change his strategy, to explain in a simple way the true meaning of the Kingdom of God. At the end of his 40 days, Jesus was so weak physically and spiritually that Satan went to test him. Jesus was feeling alone, but his faith and trust in his Father was always there and he was determined to start again.
To avoid misunderstandings he put emphasis on a spiritual Kingdom. The Kingdom of God had to start in the heart of every human being.

He was tortured and killed in the cruellest way. My heart was broken. I cried for him but I could not intervene. How far my children had fallen from the time when I created Adam and Eve in my own image!
My beloved son Jesus, in the midst of his greatest sufferings on the cross, showed the deepest and unconditional love. He excused them, asking me to forgive the people who were crucifying him. This was the greatest love. At this point Satan, could only take his body and let the spirit of Jesus come to me.
With such a condition, I could resurrect my son. He won over Satan and could start a new dispensation to save all of humanity.

When I created the first Adam and first Eve, I created them in My image.
They had to become my dwelling place. They, as my children, had to grow spiritually, centred on goodness, and inherit my characteristics. In short, one with me, one with my way of thinking, one with my love and people with whom I could communicate freely about my plans. A human being, even if it becomes a perfect human being, remains a human being. One God is enough. Many gods would bring too much confusion. I never intended that Adam and Eve would become gods. That is not possible. Every living being has to become perfect according to his own nature.

Dear beloved Christians,
I said many things and made big promises as you can see in previous messages, but I cannot give them to you as a gift. You cannot appreciate what you receive so cheaply. You could lose them very easily. You have to gain them with effort and responsibility.
You are waiting for the returning Lord, but the Lord was already on Earth. I gave him a very beautiful wife, a humble wife. Do you remember what I said in the Bible?
I've hidden my secrets from the powerful and arrogant, and I revealed them to the humble. If you become humble too, maybe you will find out who they are.
Too bad that many of you have memorized the Bible, but have not learned to put into practice my most important and simple teachings.
I said that Jesus has already returned. We can say: “ like a thief in the night.” This is just to remind you that I know the prophesies too.
I tried many times to show you this beautiful couple, but you were busy looking in the sky among the clouds.
You know too that I couldn’t send him to the same place. The governments were and are still busy making war against their own brothers’ descendants of the same father.

Dear people of the earth. This is a message addressed to each one of you. Also to the people who have the feeling of being marginalized or for people who declared themselves stateless. The Returning Lord, is not coming only for the Christians, but for all the world. He is coming to start a new history and to give a direction that reflects my wishes when I created human beings.
First of all I’d like to make it clear that I want only one Messiah. Too many of them could bring more problems. The fight about who would be my true representative could bring chaos.