Message To Christians


It is not true that I chased Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. It was them who abandoned me. Eden is not a physical place, but a state of mind. You can go in and out of this Garden, depending on how you are in harmony with Me. This is why Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven begins in your hearts.
How many times I have tried to meet my children, trying to convince them to come back to me, as do all parents when their kids are into drugs? It was all for nothing. They were now slaves of Satan and addicted to sexuality centred on him, which has nothing to do with my true love.

Some of you may think that I forgot and gave up on my plan to build my Kingdom on Earth. Again, it’s not true. I was always watching all the possibilities to intervene while they and their descendants forgot my existence, falling deeper and deeper into an unbearable, moral degradation . My despair as a parent made me regret having created human beings.
Noah gave me the hope of being able to start over, but his children disappointed me because they returned to the path of their ancestors.
Abraham attracted my attention. He had a pure heart and was ready to listen to my words. I wanted to protect him from his own environment and brought him to a place where he could freely follow my will. Although serious mistakes were committed in his family, the consequences of which continue till now in the Middle East, he always maintained a heart of dedication. He was ready to sacrifice his own son in order to make amends for his failures. This is why he became the father of faith for all his descendants.