Message To Christians

28.03.2015 a

Dear Children
I'm your Father, the God that Jesus preached about 2000 years ago. I'm the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Jesus, my beloved son, gave a very important message. Love your neighbours as yourselves. The churches became so big and powerful that they influenced the whole world with such a message of love, but very few Christians are living this message. If you cannot think about your neighbour as your brother, how do you want to make a better world? Where is the teaching of Jesus? For what did I sent him 2000 years ago? How long do I have to wait for the realization of my Kingdom? The religious fanatics persecuted and killed my best prophets. I don't mean only the prophets of the Old Testament Age, I mean the Christian prophets and the modern prophets and they did this in my name.

You are praying almost every day: "Your Kingdom come". Who of you really believe it?
This was and still is now my desire. This was also the desire of Jesus. Who understood him? He was misunderstood, persecuted and killed. You Christians have inherited my message in order to achieve the Kingdom. How long do I have to wait to see it?
Some of you expect my son to come down from the clouds. How can you be so naive?
What did you learn from the past wrong interpretation of the Bible? How many Jews were waiting for Elijah to come down from heaven? Who was Elijah? John the Baptist was my prophet Elijah who was born of a woman like all of you, but with the spirit of Elijah.
Awake! I have waited long enough to see you grow spiritually. It could be very easy if someone comes down from heaven and solves all your problems like magic. This is the level of children, not adults as you claim to be.
I trust you. Take responsibility. Become serious and start building my Kingdom on Earth. Heaven is just the result of what are you doing here on this planet.
See you