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God says to the Christians (Salvatore Ingrosso)

Becoming one with God (Salvatore Ingrosso)

The voice of the living God (Salvatore Ingrosso)



This is an interview of Salvatore Ingrosso, a father, husband, and Unification Movement international missionary for many years. At a term of 40 years dedication to God, Salvatore prayed to know what will be his next mission, his next step. He started to receive messages from January 1st, 2015. The main content is that God wants to personally meet each one of us and help us to become one in love with Him as Jesus, Dr Sun Myung Moon and many other religious figures did in history. You will have an unforgettable experience. Please try and read God's message here: (available in 8 languages).


The Kingdom of God is within you, Salvatore Ingrosso (3 min. 52 sec.)


God's Message Today, Salvatore Ingrosso interview (7 min. 45 sec.)


Revelations from God, Message for the Christians today - Salvatore Ingrosso interview  (9 min. 38 sec.)